Duration: 20 Nov 2016 - 20 Nov 2018
Location: Bali, Indonesia
Price: from $1

The Barong and Kris DanceBali Special Tour Barong 1 (260)This dance represents story of eternal fight between good and evil spirit, and shown during temple celebration. The dance derives from famous epic story in Hindu, and can be watched daily in some places located in Ubud.Ticket IDR 100.000

Balinese Traditional HouseBali Special Tour 0071Balinese house is designed completely different  than modern house. It has to follow some strict ancient architectural guides divided by three different parts. The principle such as the proper size, location and  building types.Ticket IDR 10.000
Batuan TempleBali Special Tour 0041Located near Ubud, this ancient temple is embellished with intricate stone and carvings. Its icons and decorations are typically in Balinese style. To enter this temple, it is necessary to wear "sarong" or traditional cloth to cover your knees.Ticket IDR 10.000

Ubud Monkey ForestBali Special Tour 001 3Ubud monkey forest is small rain forest dwelt by some groups of monkeys  use a concept Tri Hita Karana "three causes of well-being". The monkeys live in this forest are Macaque monkeys or Balinese Long tailed monkeys.Ticket IDR 50.000

Tegalalang Rice TerraceBali Special Tour 0051Tegalalang is countryside located 5 km northern part of Ubud. This rice terrace has beautifully designed with layers on the field. Visitors are allowed to have treakking along the rice fields, have an iconic beautiful panorama view.Ticket IDR 10.000

Art VillagesBali Special Tour 0033Home based artists in Ubud whose skill to make beautiful arts: Jewelry, Carving and Painting. These artists use the best materials, quality is much better than in the market. If you like shopping, and these are the places.Ticket IDR Shopping

Tegenungan WaterfallBali Special Tour 140Located close to artist village of Ubud, this  unique waterfall for its lush green forest and heavy water flow. There are many steps ± 250 to go down to see the waterfall closer. During dry season it is nice to swim in the waterfall.Ticket IDR 10.000

Kemenuh Butterfly ParkBali Buterfly ParkEnjoy the unique pleasure of watching the most beautiful, brightly colored flying insects (butterflies) in an exotic landscape of tropical blossom with three aspects, such as: conservation, education, and attraction.Ticket IDR 100.000

Elephant Cave TempleElephant Cave TempleBuilt in the 11th century, this temple considered one of the oldest temples in Bali. This archaeological heritage in form of a cave ornamented by carved beautiful relief on the outside wall of cave, and Buddhist temple nearby.Ticket IDR 15.000

Gunung Kawi TempleGunung Kawi Temple 1This Hindu temple was built in the 11th century to dedicate the king named Anak Wungsu of the Udayana dynasty and his favorite queens. The access to go to the temple by passing hundreds of stairs with stunning view.Ticket IDR 15.000

Tirta Empul TempleBali Special Tour 011Hindu Balinese water temple located near the town of Tampaksiring. This temple was made during Warmadewa dynasty 10th-14th century. The main compound consists of a place where Balinese go for purification ritual.Ticket IDR 15.000

Coffee and Spice PlantationBali Coffee Plantation SpecialCoffee has been famous around the world. Here you may see coffee and spices plantations and see how locals Balinese process and roast their coffee traditionally mixed with spices, and try their coffees and teas afterwards.Ticket IDR Free

Kintamani VolcanoBali Special Tour 02This is one of many active volcanoes in Indonesia. This volcano is about 1717 meters high located near the lake of Batur, and you also can enjoy lunch in some buffet restaurants while having the beauty of this Batur volcano.Ticket IDR 30.000

Besakih TempleBali Special Tour 45Located on the slopes of Mount Agung 3.031 meters high in eastern Bali and well known as the largest and holiest temple of Hindu religion in Bali, this temple made up of 23 temples that sit on parallel ridges with steps.Ticket IDR 60.000

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